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  Tips for a Great and Prosper Career in 2014 Jobs in Saudi Arabia

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مُساهمةموضوع: Tips for a Great and Prosper Career in 2014 Jobs in Saudi Arabia   السبت أبريل 12, 2014 1:16 pm

Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Tips for a Great and Prosper Career in 2014

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10Best Career Tips for 2014
Nowadays, success is not just a measure of hard word; it is a measure of smart work. In the corporate world, you would find yourself surrounded with competitors and colleagues who would make sure to sabotage you and take a lead. Following career tips could help you achieve career goals.
1.      Do more
Most average employers would only do the piece of work that they have been assigned officially. However, you could outshine the rest of the employees by doing a little extra piece of work. This would suggest that you could handle more responsibility and signals that you are a good choice for a promotion.
2.      Never stop learning
This is the age of continuous advancement in any field that the human mind could imagine. A person who desires progress must learn the new ways and be ahead of the crowd. Take advantage of the on-the-job learning and take up individual courses and training programs.
3.      Be loyal
Loyalty is a trait prone to extinction. Employers know this quite well and hence appreciate the loyalty of their employees. Never complain about the job. Act as an ambassador for your company; always praise them in the best light.
4.      Watch for deadlines
Being deadline oriented means that you are responsible and dependable. It develops trust between you and the boss. This trust ensures progress in career.
5.      Be patient
You can’t expect climbing the corporate ladder overnight. Progress in career takes time and effort. Make sure that you keep on putting in your share of effort; success will eventually grace your door. Trust your hard work and keep up your efforts. You will reach your goals.
6.      Become a valuable asset for your company
Become something more than just an employee. Treat the company as your own family. Understand the mission of your company. Go an extra mile to find ways for accomplishing the mission.  Identify how the company could enhance revenues and reduce expenses. In other words, become substantially useful for your company.
7.      Never give up
If you are assigned a task, do it religiously. Make sure that you get it done one way or the other. If you face obstacles, get help from within the company. If it is not enough, you could use other resources like internet or books.
8.      Own your actions
Even with diligent and thoughtful work, things could go wrong. Don’t repudiate the responsibility for a judgment gone bad. Instead, take responsibility for your actions and accept the blame. You could offer an apology if your actions caused any serious penalty. But be mature enough to face the consequences of your actions.
9.      Try to have a balance in your life
All of these tricks look like a lot of work. Sure, these efforts need time and energy but it doesn’t mean that you overlook your life outside of office. Never trade proper sleep for anything. If you do so, you will lose focus. Maintain healthy relationships, they are necessary for a peaceful mind.
10.  Learn time management skills
The world works at a fast pace. You can’t do each and everything if you are bad at time management. But you can complete most of the tasks if you make time for them and have a proper schedule.


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Tips for a Great and Prosper Career in 2014 Jobs in Saudi Arabia
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