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 The Tablet PC GALAXY NoteSamsung's new

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مُساهمةموضوع: The Tablet PC GALAXY NoteSamsung's new   الخميس مارس 13, 2014 12:19 pm

Steps designed your life The Tablet PC GALAXY Note 10.1 Samsung's new device is the destruction that meets all the needs of your daily tasks where, where is characterized by a display extremely large size 10.1 inches are clearly stunning invites you to enjoy the purest viewing experience ever, also features the program is strong and sleek design beautiful provides you multiple ways to carry out daily tasks to complete a heavy workload. The device provides more functionality thanks to the S Pen stylus multi-use addition to superior performance for multitasking and portability pregnancy and mobility can Trgithma through improved components enable you to deal with everything simply and easily.
The best viewing experience at all
Samsung GALAXY Note  10.1 boasts new WQXGA high accuracy thanks to the quality of viewing clear and crystal clarity and the big screen. Provides you with wonderful precision where the best viewing experience. The content is supported by high-resolution full without affecting the quality. As each image is displayed and a video clip in more vitality and clarity.
Style magazine UX
Screen format. Lets you Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 experiments similar to the magazine via the big screen size of 10.1 inches. Where you can create your own menu screen by installing more applications, sites, videos, files and folders used and favorite on-screen.
Multiple window for multiple tasks
Offers you Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 screen space enough to do many tasks at one time. Where you can activate the two applications, such as a movie player, and application notes at the same time. And you can draw or write fast while you something else, like watching a movie.
Stylish design and easy to carry
I grant continuous innovation Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 exterior styling great philanthropist. Where it was to get rid of the extra space edge. Thus, it has become smaller and lighter without reducing the size of the screen. Expand the ability Almhammeh maximum movement while on the move.
Nostalgia analog by classic design
Wonderful works back cover, which resembles the skin to give the Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 new form more classic and beautiful. Vallsq which shows the detailed manual dexterity works to promote a sense of great notebook and provide convenient use of super, such as additional protection from scratches and fractures.
Air Command
Once constipation b S Pen, will your job very quickly. Just pass the S Pen anywhere in the screen and as soon as you click the button next to the S Pen, that gives you quick access to 5 great features for the S Pen, namely: Business Note, scrapbook, screen writer, S Finder window and pen.
S Note smart to make your life more easily
Create and manage notes easily and quickly. All you have to do is write notes and draw shapes quickly and will feature S Note edited beautifully without the need to rewrite or painted. First, draw shapes and write, then S Note feature will convert it to a form of perfect digital texts in the case. Draw diagrams using a well-organized scheme easy (Easy Chart) with little effort.
Business Note
Enjoy great comfort with a memorandum of Business. Click to Convert to write to link inoperable for one set of useful features. These relate to the memo seven prefer to do things (contact, keeping contact information, send an SMS message or an e-mail, search the web site, add tasks) by linking business and connecting business memos.
No more conflict when organizing tracking information or content from multiple sources. Where you can now easily collect and arrange many of the content, including Web pages, videos of Youtube, videos on the device, and so on in one place called "scrapbook".
Window Pen
Not only draw diagrams, but can also draw application window by S Pen. Lets you Galaxy Note 10.1 to do multiple tasks effectively by drawing elegant application window on the screen while you work. Then draw a window in any size, anywhere on the screen as you see fit and select the application for commencement within this window box.
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The Tablet PC GALAXY NoteSamsung's new
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