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 Sony Xperia Z- 2 is coming in April 2014 - rumors

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مُساهمةموضوع: Sony Xperia Z- 2 is coming in April 2014 - rumors   الأربعاء مارس 12, 2014 1:34 pm

Sony Xperia Z- 2 is coming in April 2014 - rumors
Fourth of Sept. , the Japanese company Sony announced for the mobile industry for her strong Xperia Z- 1 , and it seems that the company is currently working on his successor, the new Sony Xperia Z 2 .
She noted the latest rumors on the matter that Sony will announce officially the new phone in the month of March or April of next year , and not at CES in January as it was rumored in the past.
The phone is available sometime in April 2014 , which bodes us well with these new reports , moreover , feel free to news that the smartphone will hit the market with a larger design compared with the Xperia Z- 1 , as well as with enhanced specifications Xperia Z 2 .
It seems that the phone is coming with a 5.2 -inch screen (1080 × 1920) and the density of 506ppi, and the rear camera of 20.7 mega pixel camera and the ability to record high-definition video or even a class of 4K.
It also confirmed rumors that it is possible to come Xperia Z- 2 with Android 4.4 Kit Kat , In addition, it is expected to include Sony processor Snap Dragon 800 , as well as 3 GB of RAM , and will be provided with that monster next battery capacity of 3200 ms amp, which will provide more time for long use .
Did not confirm any of the details that we have mentioned so far , so we have to put in mind with little reservation at the present time , and what remains to be seen whether Sony will be discreet on her next to come on disclosure, where the company said in a recently they have begun to create a campaign to reduce leaks about organs, so it could become the Sony Xperia Z 2 some heavy guard soon.
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Sony Xperia Z- 2 is coming in April 2014 - rumors
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